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Friends of the TT Riders Association

Friends of the TTRA logoAre you a T.T. enthusiast, but have never ridden in the T.T.?

Join the "Friends of the T.T.R.A." today.

The Friends is an exclusive membership club for the real TT enthusiast. For more details on joining, please click on the Join the TTRA Friends link on the left menu.

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We also have a Facebook page where you can find the latest news & also view our items for sale, including regalia & memorabilia

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"We have very kindly been chosen as one of the recipients of donations for items sold on the following website, owned by a Manxman now operating in England.

We thank Leigh for his very kind gesture & he tells us more TT items will be added shortly so please keep checking the website".

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What is the FoTTRA?

Start of 1921 Junior TT
Start of 1922 TT Race
Today the TT Riders Association is a strong, viable and well-established charity. It is an association of men and women who have started an IoM TT race, and now it is able to offer a unique privilege to friends who did not race in the TT. Friends are maybe those who made the race possible for a rider such as a sponsor, a mechanic, a marshal, official, a member of the riders family or even a TT enthusiast. The list is not exhaustive and could include manufacturers, ordinary motorcyclists and business people etc. who have an interest in motorcycle sport or the objects of the charity.

Membership of ‘The Friends of the TT Riders Association’ is offered as a lifetime recognition of their value to the TTRA, a TTRA member or the event itself.
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25th November 2023

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Famous quotes

"The TT is the manifestation of every human emotion..of victory, of triumph, but sometimes of tragedy and pathos.

Here one learns some of the basic truths of human experience, of human struggle and rivalry, of exultancy and despondency.

Here one learns the incredible facts of human nature, of grit and ambition, of subtlety and cunning, of wisdom and folly, jealously, duplicity and all the flames of human passion.

It is here that one discovers men whose word is their bond, where character shines under disappointment and disillusionment.

Here one sees the lone hand earnestly pursuing the road to fame - the diehards too, seeking for honours still.

Here one sees the big business at work with all its might."

Gilbert Smith, MD of Norton circa 1935