Tourist Trophy Riders Association | Supporting TT riders and their families.

Friends of the T.T.R.A.

Today the TT Riders Association is a strong, viable and well-established charity. It is an association of men and women who have started an IoM TT race, and now it is able to offer a unique privilege to friends who did not race in the TT. Friends are maybe those who made the race possible for a rider such as a sponsor, a mechanic, a marshal, official, a member of the riders family or even a TT enthusiast. The list is not exhaustive and could include manufacturers, ordinary motorcyclists and business people etc. who have an interest in motorcycle sport or the objects of the charity.
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Membership of ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ is for life with a one lifetime subscription; although further donations will be gratefully accepted. The subscription is by self-assessment, so as to not constrict the more affluent or generous applicant, but a minimum is set at initially £200.

To apply to join the Friends of the TTRA

Contact Helen Gibson for more information.
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone +447624 243276

•Please do not send credit card or bank details by email

Minimum £200 by Cheque - in favour of ‘The Friends of the TTRA’.
There is also an option to pay £40.00 initially followed
by four more yearly payments of £40.00

Please mark on your application if you have an objection to your name being included on a membership list circulated to TTRA and FoTTRA Members.