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About the Friends of the T.T.R.A.

Friends of the TTRA logoToday the TT Riders Association is a strong, viable and well-established charity. It is an association of men and women who have started an IoM TT race, and now it is able to offer a unique privilege to friends who did not race in the TT. Friends are maybe those who made the race possible for a rider such as a sponsor, a mechanic, a marshal, official, a member of the riders family or even a TT enthusiast. The list is not exhaustive and could include manufacturers, ordinary motorcyclists and business people etc. who have an interest in motorcycle sport or the objects of the charity.

Membership of ‘The Friends of the TT Riders Association’ is offered as a lifetime recognition of their value to the TTRA, a TTRA member or the event itself.

FoTTRA is a registered charity, No.856 (Isle of Man)

Recognition and Benefits

The list of potential members of ‘The Friends of the TT Riders Association’ is much larger than the list of the 1100 members of the TT Riders Association itself.

Clubs and other organisations are eligible for membership but they must nominate an individual, such as the club secretary, as their representative. The first 100 applicants accepted will be known for their lifetime as ‘Charter Members’.
Thereafter all new applicants will be ordinary members. All who join will receive a certificate of membership. Membership of ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ is for life with a one lifetime subscription; although further donations will be gratefully accepted. The subscription is by self-assessment, so as to not constrict the more affluent or generous applicant, but a minimum is set at initially £200. ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ is designed to add to the effective charitable funding of the TTRA itself. Therefore all membership subscriptions, profits and other dues made available from ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ will accrue to the TTRA, which is an Isle of Man registered charity, so that its charitable work can continue and be increased.

1933 Norton Team
1933 Norton Team

The TTRA is a purely social and benevolent association and uses the majority of its funds to cater for TT riders or their dependents in need. ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ will not be able to influence the management activities of the TTRA in any way but the members will receive a newsletter by e-mail twice a year and be able to attend selected TTRA activities. ‘Friends’ will be invited as guests to the TTRA Isle of Man TT Raceweek Headquarters at the 38th Milestone and to attend the TTRA’s Annual Luncheon. ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ will be kept informed of allied events such as TTRA race machine parades and social events. An Association tie will be available and other items of regalia from time-to-time.

Details of each year’s TT Festival programme and other information will be available on this website.

Peter Williams, President of the TTRA 1999 – 2000, says: “I feel honoured that this project was devised during my Presidency. To be a member of ‘The Friends of the TTRA’ will aid the TTRA’s social and charitable endeavours and will, in consequence, make a great number of people ery happy both in the giving of membership and in receiving it. I commend it.”

To join the FoTTRA

See our Join the TTRA Friends webpage for details and a downloadable PDF application form.