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TTRA Logo The T.T. Riders Association (TTRA) website offers information and articles on the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy riders association. Take a look through the website for access to the Society archives including photos, newsletters and a brief history of the Association.

The T.T. Riders Association is an Isle of Man registered charity for motorcycle racers. The criteria for being a member is to have started a T.T. race, then you can join as a life member for £45.


Mark Spearman and Malcolm Wheeler have had a wonderful fundraising idea and these are Mark's words:

The TTRA finances this year are really going to take a heck of a hit for various reasons, and as such an idea has ben mooted by Mark Spearman whereby he and his Luncheon Table friends, who sit on the Derek Yorke Table, are hoping to help the TTRA in this matter

They have decided to donate this years Luncheon Ticket money to the TTRA and will be doing so via Frances. Anyone else who may wish to do the same, please do so as the TTRA need all they can raise in these difficult times.

Why not become a Friend of the TTRA and help with the financing of the club. The Friends is an exclusive membership club for the real TT enthusiast. For more details on joining, please click on the relevant link on the left of these pages

If you are new to the TTRA or have never heard of us, this is the place to start

The values and aims of the TTRA haven't changed in the many years that it has been in existence. Riders, and their families, who face real hardship, are helped as much as is possible and for as long as is necessary. By its very nature, confidentiality is everything, this work goes largely unnoticed. But the sting in the tail for the TTRA is that by having to hide its light under a bushel the association finds it that much more difficult to cast the fundraising net farther afield. It also comes as a surprise to find that an organisation founded out of necessity in the 1950's should still be needed in 21st Century, but needed it most definitely still is.

We can assist with Riders who may have been injured in the sport we all love and enjoy, or for some unfortunate reason financial assistance may be asked for. These circumstances are dealt with confidentially and with discretion. We always appreciate a call from a good friend or relative who can guide us through the TTRA members situation.

The Friends of the TTRA

The Friends of the TTRA is a great way for those who enjoy the TT, but have never ridden in a race to help support the TTRA. Please go to the FoTTRA pages for more information.

Friends are maybe those who made the race possible for a rider such as a sponsor, a mechanic, a marshal, official, a member of the riders family or even a TT enthusiast. The list includes manufacturers, ordinary motorcyclists and business people who have an interest in motorcycle sport or the objects of the charity.